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3 poems by Flo Reynolds

the other body moss-packed napkin oak bark tied with a grass hitch

into the package place oak cupule scarlet elf cup the fruiting body

+ by the tomentum fine down covering find your edge

laughing little beetle lie in leaves with the other body ascospores rotifers rot mothers yeasts in their single cells

what space is claimed is shared so breathe + press outwards to the edge + its nociceptors

tapetum lucidum laps all around

yes, moss-cosied one robin’s pincushion grows the gall through the gill houseplants senecio! O green orb, surpreme drip crying solero shots

mother-in-law’s tongue folded green biltong brazen cheeky thing

the funnest ant slide spider froths coy each day a new wig

with her squid-wings venus threw a lure kite of chilli flakes

buoyed pot, its plant is so whisk-like it is stiff peaks

flytrap shrivels from bright reptile to bunch of keys

mother-in-law’s claws fur coat, no bite pressed along a scissorblade

generation after generation after spider after

still life with mangelwurzel mangelwurzel rows upon scoubidous drag atlantic thalasso for massage

the child once spoke carrotwater panacea + phare ouest cola

do you remember 3 young sailors far as nova scotia

or he who kicked his silage machine + became it

the devil Salamander nests in a blue roof madame skins a rabbit

the kidneys still in + the tongue hinting at a lost tongue

a belly skims earth rolling grass lint bright adder or toad

+ the rabbit in the barn incisor more than socket yet sweet lozenges


Flo Reynolds is a poet, artist and literature events producer. Recent poems have appeared in The White Review,Stand,The Interpreter's House, amberflora, Magma, Datableed and more. You can find Flo online at


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