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3 poems by Andrew Taylor

Early Harvest

The honey allows for travel 

flower to flower newspaper 

ink in the sun smell of 

the ages overhead rumble 

of an airliner small things 

lavender against a white wall

hollyhocks from a window

afternoon remnants bales 

scattered dart of a blackbird 

against ivy expandable pocket

tickets & ephemera ‘selected poems’

Foyles 16th February 2019 at 16.40

add the accent to the name it’s a 

most important consideration 

Junk Page

Questions for the road at night gravel paths 

firefly annexe they’ll be around eventually

Charlie’s headstone added kisses red on cream

wait for the stars they will arrive skirt rather

than trousers disruption is expected until

22.30 then green arrive in the Loire valley

the booted cat’s schedule taped to a tree

Ella switches language with ease she holds

three passports what book is in Buttons’

pocket at the tomb? a bottle of Perrier with

a slice of lime the empty metro at 2.00 a.m.

dust coating tiles stillness eventually first

editions to be transported to the departments

soothe the sting with bite relief cream 

Shutter Pony

Await the dying off slowly harp rises

rattle quietens across the plain yellow

foreground pink sky framed a seat 

under trees next to the boit a’livres 

John’s essential delight of a book stays put

Baudelaire’s text ‘traced in burnt sienna’

calendar time arrives falling vine stalks 

skeletal architecture on concrete billowing

canvas shadow rover settle recollection 

33cl & attendant condensation ode

mode lane fruit behind the green in focus

colour sharp instinct static how to country 

in limited dosage black red starts flit a sip 

of Affligem Ambree before rabid communication


Andrew Taylor's previous collections include: Radio Mast Horizon, March, and Not There—Here (Shearsman Books). His latest pamphlet, Voie was published by Red Ceiling Press in 2023. He is currently working towards a new collection.


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