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2 poems by Yuu Ikeda

“They, in July”

Rain and wind love each other.

Wind tells me

the scent of rain.

Rain tells me

warmth of wind.

When they blend together,

I just close my eyes.




they just exist,


tell me that

they are the best sole mate.


I'm always in midnight.

Brandy and the broken clock.

Summer breeze and silky time.

I'm always in midnight.

The moonlight thaws ice in the glass.

The blank calendar sways silently.

Brandy and the broken clock.

Someone goes to the morning.

I'm still in midnight.


Yuu Ikeda (she/they) is a Japan based poet and writer.

She loves mystery novels, western art,

sugary coffee, and japanese comic “呪術廻戦 (Jujutsu Kaisen)”.

She writes poetry on her website.

Her latest poetry chapbook

“Mentally, Midnight”

was published by Naked Cat Publishing.


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