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2 poems by Nick Browne

Hold Stillness

You can hold stillness like water in a glass

or a church where the air’s so thick with prayers

you breathe them in.

You can hold stillness like the pause between notes

draw it out like the moment before new drifts of snow are broken

by eager feet.

You can hold stillness like you hold the hand

of one who is waiting and needs you

for what will come.

Nympheas: Musée de l'Orangerie

All walls fall away

and there is only water

swallowing the eye

thick paint layered

an aquarium of light

brush strokes like fishes

lake and sky alike

coloured dark as plums, bruises

night snagged in pigment

vertical willows

cross horizontal lily pads

occidental forms

clouds drown in water

the lake is full of the sky

falling then soaring.


Nick Browne is an established novelist and aspiring poet and poetry critic. Nick’s work has appeared in Acumen, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Snakeskin, Blue Nib as well as being anthologised in Bollocks to Brexit, Eyewear’s ‘A Poet’s Quest for God’ and in Indigo Dream’s collection ‘Dear Dylan.’


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