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2 poems by Leo Kang Beevers

On Refurbishment

There were small cuts in the handle of his sadness. He could record the phases of his life to

come. The furniture of the room remained unopened while he worked. The summer’s green

stars blared distantly.

On Education

Moonlight fell like an overcoat. It burned. He kept it. He wanted it to ward off winter. When he came home, his mother suggested his sole remaining character flaw was an inability to take notes until it was too late. She was collecting scrolls the size of his thumb. He saw his adulthood ticking in silver fibres.

These poems were inspired by Anne Carson’s “Short Talks”


Leo Kang Beevers lives in West Yorkshire. His poems have been published in Oxford Magazine, Rust and Moth, COUNTERCLOCK, and others. In 2022, he won the Tower Poetry Competition and was a Foyle Young Poet of the Year. He is currently studying English at the University of Cambridge.


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