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2 poems by David Spittle

The View from Here

where the floating dead are tied to kelp

and in the roll of limbs

no longer screaming ghost a ghost

but somehow how is how this water

swims and within swimming hymns of drag

each click and spring of undiscovered

living late to open eyes in every pore

the skin to look a brittle star cast off

the sea a mind might seem the same repeating

but only is in change and now

hold the tiller remind the nerves

to not react to every thought

but respond

to each experience

each current joining out

from panic what breath remains

a s o l u t e

watching in dispersal at dispersal womb

everyness a recording over and over

but let’s not be melodramatic

it’s all over now

Of First Permission

to understand beyond any knowing that there is a sky of it

a vast and blue primacy beyond you

but held within you and that itself can hold

you into understanding beyond any knowing that you fall away

to join it in being more than a struggling blink

to become and see that every pin to scratch the eye

is the pain of every second arrow and its thinking life away

from living and if only you could change

you say if only I could change then I will be

without understanding as a need to know the rhyme

of every cloud as it scuds a shadow’s track

across the nervous field of sight to say I’m wrong

something in me is wrong and it is me and my fault

and I cannot see for this and slip

away from how all the living continues

but return us to understand beyond knowing that there is a sky

reflected in the river and that rests

across the ocean and without divide

to understand beyond knowing that it is a way to float

in the merge of breathing

to be beyond you but held within you

and that itself can hold to be a dream of movement

a never still as stillness folding

rest about the eyes, a way back that always is


David Spittle is a poet / filmmaker. His first collection, All Particles and Waves

(Black Herald Press, 2020), followed the pamphlet, B O X (HVTN, 2018). He has

published a book of interviews, Light Glyphs (Broken Sleep, 2021) with poets and

filmmakers. Spittle’s film, Light Noise, was broadcast by the BBC, available on



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