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2 poems by Andrew Taylor

[Still and bright in twilight shining] 


Glitters the evening star 

      closing rosebuds 

shed their fragrance 

the river pales 

       slumber near 

solemn silence  

                 the fading day 


hush of sacred sadness 

weary wild 

                  sweep of trees 

beneath the power of  

twilight’s frown 

wide west decline  

& celestial sympathy 


Soft & sweet the silver beam 

                  through the bower 

bright drops  

unnoticed break  


August 13, 1836. Branwell Brontë  


March 25, 2022. Andrew Taylor

On Caroline

Light of ancestral hall

palace for a pall garden

to aisles & eternal sleep

mute & motionless

Slow midnight moments

to morning’s beam

churchyard stone can

hide past smiles

memory with her soul

joy itself has flown




Andrew Taylor has published three collections with Shearsman Books, the latest being ‘Not There-Here’ published in October 2021. He has edited the Collected Poems of Peter Finch, published by Seren in May 2022. He is currently working on the poems of Branwell Brontë, which he is ‘sampling.’ @dradny


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